The Friday Class

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§  Don’t fold the notes too many times.

§  Keep the money in your wallet’s zipper and not in your pocket.

§  Do not mix the notes with your personal money. Always use a separate section of your wallet.

§  Request the person to put the money in a sealed envelope, if possible.

§  Do not use the money for any other purpose; that would be cheating!

§  Do not tell any stranger that you are carrying money.

§  Always count the money before taking it from someone. Writing the amount on a piece of paper is even better.

§  When you accomplish your responsibility, call the concerned person to inform that you have handed the money to the right person.

§  Seek your parents’ permission before taking up such responsibility. Follow their advice.

§  If you refuse to help someone with such a task, do suggest alternative solutions like money transfer services or courier.


o   Realize that your behaviour is a reflection of your country, religion, family and parents.
Be responsible!

o   When you arrive at your friend’s place request for a place where you could keep your belongings.

o   Make a list of things you have brought as it will help you to pack up later.

o   Then, call your parents to tell them you have settled and are doing well. Remember to tell them that you are missing them.

o   If you want to use something like the phone, washroom, television as your friend or his/her family member politely.

o   What comes out goes in – whenever you use anything from your backpack return it back so that you don’t forget taking any of your things.

o   Remember the last talk you had with your parents and follow all the instructions given.

o   If you plan to go somewhere from your friend’s house inform your parents and seek their permission.

o   Eat healthy and well, gather at least 8 hours of sleep, and be particular about your personal hygiene (wash your hands after meals, brush regularly and shower often).

o   Leave a ‘Thank you’ at your friend’s house appreciating their care and hospitality.

ü  Avoid thinking reasons that might have caused the delay – they tend to upset you.

ü  Spend some time with your mobile; change display settings, update your to-do list or scroll through the image gallery.

ü  Set reminders for unfinished tasks and upcoming events.

ü  Hum a song or look around for something to read – magazines, newspapers, notice boards, road signs or emergency instructions.

ü  Stop yourself from making endless calls to the person whom you are waiting for.

ü  Appreciate beautiful things that are in your surroundings.

ü  Plan activities for the rest of the day – organize your plan of action.

ü  If the person is a usual latecomer, avoid thinking about previous instances when you had to wait for him/her – this will spoil your mood and upset you.

ü  Make calls to friends or relatives whom you always wanted to talk to but did not find time to do so – this will help you to stay in touch with old friends.

ü  Think of pleasant and innovative ways to greet the person.

v  Check for Safety sign boards and take caution.

v  Bury your feet in the sand and experience the waves uncover them.

v  Write a thought on the sand.

v  Listen to your favourite songs or tune into your favourite radio station.

v  Read a book.

v  Take a walk against the wind.

v  Watch the sunset – it looks like it takes a dip in the sea.

v  Play a sport like soccer, volley ball or badminton.

v  Take some photographs.

v  Enrich your body with Vitamin D – get enough sunlight.

v  Do not litter – the beach is home to many animals.

v  Collect some shells and study their patterns and colours.

v  Stretch your hands at the side and run along the beach as fast as you can.

v  Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

The Friday Class article is published in Young Times.

§  Work quickly and quietly.

§  Keep your workplace neat.

§  Do not annoy your teacher purposely.

§  Offer help to your teacher when she is decorating the classroom or putting up a bulletin board.

§  Throw rubbish inside the bin – not around it.

§  Remember to take your homework books.

§  Helping your friends does not mean giving them answers or letting them copy from your notebook.

§  Share your food but do not share germs.

§  Its ‘COOL’ to follow the class rules and be a good student.

§  Respect your environment – take care of display boards, classroom furniture and stationery.

ü  Sit at a good distance from the television.

ü  Keep the volume audible – neither too high nor too low.

ü  Choose to watch appropriate programs; make use of the remote control intelligently!

ü  Time yourself! TV time should not exceed one and a half hours.

ü  Make yourself comfortable – fetch some cushions or a blanket to feel cozy.

ü  It’s always fun to much as you watch TV. So get yourself some healthy snacks like popcorn, dry cornflakes, cracker sandwiches, salads or dried fruits.

ü  Change your sitting position after 10-15 minutes. This won’t stress your muscles.

ü  Your reaction to what you watch on TV reveals a part of your personality – your thoughts and ideas and your likes and dislikes. Therefore, be cautious of this when in a big group of people.

ü  If you are watching TV with other people, make sure that you offer them to take charge of the remote control for some time.

ü  If you find something on TV that interests someone you know, then give them a call to let them know about it.

v  Rest your back and put the seatbelt.

v  Look out of your window and observe the things happening around.

v  Play travel games if the journey is long – ‘I spy’, ‘Guess the personality’ are some easy-to-play games.

v  Avoid looking at people in other cars – if you do so you might find children pulling a face at you.

v  Keep a newspaper, comic or magazine handy. You might want to spend some
time reading!

v  Do not stretch your legs such that you push the front seat. This annoys the person sitting in front especially if s/he is driving the car.

v  Give a break to your eyes; look outside instead of playing a game on the mobile.

v  Avoid pointing at things especially if you are sitting in the front seat. By doing so you may be blocking the side mirrors.

v  Don’t fiddle with the radio or other devices as it may distract the driver and cause disturbance.

v  Get off the car to assist the driver in case s/he is unable to park the car.

The Friday Class article is published in Young Times.