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I Know Who You Are! is now a part of Facebook. You can visit the book’s official page at this url: 


There are discussions happening and comments being posted by the fans. Join the authors in their celebrations as the book releases on 30th March, 2009.


v  Stay with your parents, if you want to see something of your interest, inform them before leaving.

v  If you lose track of your parents, that means you are lost, follow these steps; call out to them, look around in the passageway, approach the management and give your name and your parent’s telephone number. IMPORTANT: Don’t Cry!

v  Remember to do lots and lots of window shopping. Look around to see all the different sorts of things. This will increase your knowledge.

v  Don’t go near escalators and elevators if you are not using them.

v  Remember where your Mum and Dad parked the car. They would be thankful.

v  Remember to carry some of your pocket money. Ask your parents before you spend it.

v  Avoid talking to strangers.

v  Be careful in the parking lot.

v  Take responsibility of your younger brother and sisters.

v  Be careful when pushing the trolley so that you don’t bump into people and edges.

The Friday Class is the first published work of Mariam and Fatima Masood, authors of the book I Know Who You Are!

It is great to share an important piece of information with all of you. Our first novel titled ‘I Know Who You Are!’ is currently being published in the United Kingdom. It will be available in book stores in the UK and the UAE in spring 2009. 

You can take a get to know more about the book on its official website.

Do post in any comments and your opinion about the concept of Character Skins!

§  Only keep those things on the table which you will use; a geometry box or a calculator might create distraction if not needed.

§  Don’t think about all your homework at once – battle it one by one, you will be a winner.

§  The longer you sit at your table the more you loose interest in your work. So, don’t fidget with the stationery and turn the pages unnecessarily.

§  Remember hard work done today helps you tomorrow. When you prepare well for a unit test it will surely help you in the final assessments.

§  Your work is a reflection of your personality. Neat, complete and correct homework shows that you are responsible, particular, hardworking and a perfectionist.

§  Each person has a different work style. Discover the best time and place for doing your homework (dining table or the study table; afternoon, evening or before bedtime).  It will help you finish your work quickly.

§  Homework is to be done at home. Avoid doing it in the class or in the car/bus. Teachers don’t like to see jumping words and flying letters!

§  If you find the assigned task difficult, take some guidelines from an adult. An elder brother or sister is of great help.

§  Access the internet, books and newspapers if you need extra help.

§  Homework helps you excel in your studies – Do it with a smile!

v  School days are the best part of life. Work to have all happy memories and not bad ones.

v  Take responsibility of your things. You should know where all your things are.

v  Follow the school rules and of course the class rules too.

v  Help the younger students by opening the door for them, allowing them to go in the bus first and by giving them a go in the canteen.

v  Respect all the teaching and non-teaching staff. You will shine like a diamond if you do so.

v  Keep the company of good friends. You will come to know about them by seeing if they follow school rules, respect their elders, do the work in time and talk about good things.

v  Visit the school library regularly. Spending time there will help you develop a love for books.

v  Be careful in the science lab, corridors, computer lab and play areas. Your parents and your teachers want you to be safe and sound.

v  Participate in the class discussions and activities. Don’t think that what you are thinking is unimportant.

v  If you have not done your homework or assignment, go to the teacher and inform her/him at the beginning of the day. This develops your relationship with the teacher.

Ø  When you get the information that you will be going for an outing, inquire the place to be visited and take out appropriate clothes. Ask your parents if your choice is right.

Ø  Make a ‘Take Along’ corner in your room where you keep the things you need to carry with you when you go out. (A book, gift, mobile, MP3 player, sunscreen or sports stuff)

Ø  Help your younger brothers and sisters to dress up.

Ø  Check if the electrical appliances (iron, computer, mobile charger, lights and lamps) have been switched off. If you are too young to switch them off yourself, alert an adult.

Ø  Remind your parents to check the stove. All knobs turned off.

Ø  It is important to look at the mirror before you depart. Your hair, dress and your attitude should be in place.

Ø  You room should be tidy. The dirty clothes should go in the laundry, the cupboard door should be closed and the toys in place.

Ø  Showcase your wisdom by carrying a bottle of water with you. It keeps you hydrated in the hot sun.

Ø  Make sure your parents have locked the main door behind them.

Ø  If you are going alone, inform your parents and tell the approximate time of return.

Ø  When you go out you represent your country, religion, family and parents. Be responsible!

v  Check for Safety sign boards and take caution.

v  Bury your feet in the sand and experience the waves uncover them.

v  Write a thought on the sand.

v  Listen to your favourite songs or tune into your favourite radio station.

v  Read a book.

v  Take a walk against the wind.

v  Watch the sunset – it looks like it takes a dip in the sea.

v  Play a sport like soccer, volley ball or badminton.

v  Take some photographs.

v  Enrich your body with Vitamin D – get enough sunlight.

v  Do not litter – the beach is home to many animals.

v  Collect some shells and study their patterns and colours.

v  Stretch your hands at the side and run along the beach as fast as you can.

v  Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

The Friday Class article is published in Young Times.