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Liberty Books presents the Exclusive Launch & Book Signing Event of the novel, I Know Who You Are! by Pakistani twin authors, Mariam and Fatima Masood, during the Karachi International Book Fair 2009. Be at the Karachi Expo Center, Activity Area, Hall 1 on Sunday, 13th December 2009 between 1:00 -1:45 pm in the afternoon.

Get a chance to meet the authors, click photographs, ask questions and win the merchandise of the book.

Let your family, friends and associates know as well.

Best wishes!

I Know Who You Are! is now a part of Facebook. You can visit the book’s official page at this url: 


There are discussions happening and comments being posted by the fans. Join the authors in their celebrations as the book releases on 30th March, 2009.

It is great to share an important piece of information with all of you. Our first novel titled ‘I Know Who You Are!’ is currently being published in the United Kingdom. It will be available in book stores in the UK and the UAE in spring 2009. 

You can take a get to know more about the book on its official website.

Do post in any comments and your opinion about the concept of Character Skins!

o   Before taking the call, reduce the volume of your television/cd player/mp3 player/computer/laptop to show respect.

o   Listen patiently to the caller.

o   Avoid doing any other tasks while talking – the person on the other end can make out that you are preoccupied.

o   Do not give any personal information.

o   Ask the name of the caller and the person s/he wants to talk to.

o   Take down a message incase the concerned person is not available.

o   Do not interrupt the caller when he is talking.

o   End the call with a polite comment ‘It was nice talking to you’, ‘Take care’, etc.

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