The Friday Class

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§  Follow the road safety rules.

§  Look at both sides of the road before crossing.

§  If someone offers you to hold their hand while crossing, accept their offer. Do not think you are too old for it.

§  Listening is important. You might not be able to see a vehicle coming from an odd junction but you can hear its noise.

§  Avoid talking to anyone. Safety is vital.

§  Never run or stop in the middle of the road.

§  Take adult help for carrying huge or odd shaped things, like boxes, bicycles, prams, trolley bags, etc.

§  Watch out for drivers who do not abide by the traffic rules. There are vehicles coming from the wrong way.

§  Take your time and cross the road only when you are confident.

§  If you drop something on the road, do not be in a hurry to pick it. It is not more important than you are.


The Friday Class is the first published work of Mariam and Fatima Masood, authors of the book I Know Who You Are!




o   Identify and move away any important documents or electronic gadgets that might get damaged by the liquid.

o   Find the closet source to clean the spill; tissue, cloth, towel, etc.

o   Prevent the spill from affecting other surfaces. If the spill was on a table, make sure the liquid doesn’t drip off to the chair/s or to the floor.

o   Start cleaning from the outer edges to the center of the spill.

o   If any liquid other than water was spilt, make sure you take a wet wipe and clean the surface.

o   If your parents or someone is upset with you, try to understand their concern.

o   Apologize for your mistake and provide as much help as possible.

o   Don’t blame yourself for the mistake.

o   Accidents are unavoidable, however we should be careful.

Ø  A wallet too big is difficult to carry. Buy one that easily fits your pockets.

Ø  Prefer a wallet with a zip as the money notes will not drop off.

Ø  Write your name, contact number and email address in one of the pockets. In case you loose it, someone might be able to return it to you.

Ø  Coins do make the wallet heavy but it is always a good idea to have some handy. You can make quick purchases or help your parents get the parking ticket.

Ø  Before keeping any important documents in your wallet, inform your parents.

Ø  For emergencies, keep a list of contact numbers of some of your relatives.

Ø  Equip your wallet with bandages, toothpicks and tissues.

Ø  Take responsibility of your gaming cards. It will save your parents the trouble of storing them.

Ø  Cary a part of your pocket money, and remember savings are vital!

Ø  Even if you have money on you, ask your parents before making a purchase. They will help you take the right decision.

ü  Take a small serving to start your meal.

ü  Take small morsels and chew well before swallowing.

ü  Avoid making crunching sounds while eating.

ü  If someone insists you to try a particular dish, considering your taste or liking, accept their offer.

ü  Do not take heaped spoonfuls while serving; it would save you from dealing with a soiled table cloth.

ü  Always taste a dish before helping yourself with a big serving – you will feel contented and you will get to eat what suits your taste buds better.

ü  Taste all the tempting dishes to avoid mouthwatering situations when someone praises a dish, especially when the meal is over.

ü  Avoid taking the last share of a dish – be considerate towards others who might not have had a share.

The Friday Class article is published in Young Times.

§  What you choose to tell as a joke and how you tell it, reflects your personality.

§  Remember that jokes are told to laugh with people, not to laugh at them.

§  Avoid relating incidents that might embarrass the people around you.

§  The comments you make should not offend any culture or religion.

§  Do not use your imagination to exaggerate the incident – relate it as it happened because it entails spontaneity.

§  Be sincere, honest and sensitive.

§  Losing decency to win people’s smiles is often proves to be unworthy.

§  Mimicry of people does offer temporary audience but it leaves you unaccompanied in the long run.

§     Avoid giving too many details – it tends to spread boredom amongst the listeners.

§  Quick and witty humor is more enjoyable than practical jokes. It helps you find like-minded people and prevents you from facing hard consequences.

Ø  Stretch your arms and your legs – you will feel the tiredness vanish from your body.

Ø  Look out of the window and enjoy the sight of a fresh day – add some accessories to your outfit that suit the weather; hat, sun glasses or an umbrella.

Ø  Look in the mirror and smile at yourself.

Ø  Brush your teeth and use a mouthwash.

Ø  Make your bed; at least put the pillow in its correct place.

Ø  Spare a glance at your room. If you feel that the things on your side table need to be adjusted, please spend a couple of minutes doing so.

Ø  Greet your parents with your best smile.

Ø  Have your breakfast without making a fuss.

Ø  Read the headlines in the newspaper, they make interesting discussion topics during the break-time.

Ø  Leave for school with a sweet note – wish your parents a good day and tell them that you really love them. 

The Friday Class article is published in Young Times.

ü  Avoid thinking reasons that might have caused the delay – they tend to upset you.

ü  Spend some time with your mobile; change display settings, update your to-do list or scroll through the image gallery.

ü  Set reminders for unfinished tasks and upcoming events.

ü  Hum a song or look around for something to read – magazines, newspapers, notice boards, road signs or emergency instructions.

ü  Stop yourself from making endless calls to the person whom you are waiting for.

ü  Appreciate beautiful things that are in your surroundings.

ü  Plan activities for the rest of the day – organize your plan of action.

ü  If the person is a usual latecomer, avoid thinking about previous instances when you had to wait for him/her – this will spoil your mood and upset you.

ü  Make calls to friends or relatives whom you always wanted to talk to but did not find time to do so – this will help you to stay in touch with old friends.

ü  Think of pleasant and innovative ways to greet the person.