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Liberty Books presents the Exclusive Launch & Book Signing Event of the novel, I Know Who You Are! by Pakistani twin authors, Mariam and Fatima Masood, during the Karachi International Book Fair 2009. Be at the Karachi Expo Center, Activity Area, Hall 1 on Sunday, 13th December 2009 between 1:00 -1:45 pm in the afternoon.

Get a chance to meet the authors, click photographs, ask questions and win the merchandise of the book.

Let your family, friends and associates know as well.

Best wishes!


§  Follow the road safety rules.

§  Look at both sides of the road before crossing.

§  If someone offers you to hold their hand while crossing, accept their offer. Do not think you are too old for it.

§  Listening is important. You might not be able to see a vehicle coming from an odd junction but you can hear its noise.

§  Avoid talking to anyone. Safety is vital.

§  Never run or stop in the middle of the road.

§  Take adult help for carrying huge or odd shaped things, like boxes, bicycles, prams, trolley bags, etc.

§  Watch out for drivers who do not abide by the traffic rules. There are vehicles coming from the wrong way.

§  Take your time and cross the road only when you are confident.

§  If you drop something on the road, do not be in a hurry to pick it. It is not more important than you are.


The Friday Class is the first published work of Mariam and Fatima Masood, authors of the book I Know Who You Are!

A big hello from Mariam and Fatima!
The latest addition to the site is a page on quotes and sayings written by us. The sayings are based on concepts that have guided us in life and we are thankful these concepts formed before any tough lesson of life. We were gifted with wisdom long before we needed it. A scary title of a book comes to the mind is, ‘Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart’, we are thankful our case has been the opposite.
Once again, you are all welcome to add more quotations on the page and fill up the treasure.
Take Care,
Mariam and Fatima

Eyes on You!

A big hello from Mariam and Fatima!
Teachers all around the world would agree that bulletin boards are a reflection of a teacher’s work in class… of the effort she/he puts in experiences the learning taking place in students. They are also a means of acknowledging the work and achievements of children in school.
No doubt, bulletin boards reflect the teacher, teaching style, learners and the learning that takes place.
So, in this post we announce the inclusion of a new page on our blog, ‘Bulletin Board Ideas’ for teachers and parents to see. Of course, these are not the best bulletin boards and… there is great scope for creativity when it comes to showing off our kid’s works.
Have a nice time as we dig into our photographs folders to find some more boards to add on to these ones.
Take Care,
Mariam and Fatima

A big hello from Mariam and Fatima!

If you have visited The Friday Class blog recently, you might have noticed a new page titled ‘Class Management’. 

Here you can find useful ideas of getting your control right in class. Being teachers we have experienced that learning takes place only in a well managed class, personalities develop and socio-awareness builds.  We are pleased to share some of the strategies that have been implemented by us personally to facilitate the students’ learning process.

From the listed methods, I (Mariam) have benefited a lot by the Countdown, Busy Hands Busy Minds  and Start-up Exercise concept. I found children responding to these methodologies immediately, which was very encouraging and motivational for them.  

My (Fatima) favourite is the concept of Allocated Talk-time and of course, the Countdown. Any teacher, if consistent in using her discipline strategy, is successful. Consistency counts!

Also, we invite teachers and adults to share strategies, tips, tricks and spells that make children more responsible. It would be wonderful to listen to your viewpoints!

As Barney says, “It’s not so tough… to share your stuff…”

 Take Care,

Mariam and Fatima

Ø  Stretch your arms and your legs – you will feel the tiredness vanish from your body.

Ø  Look out of the window and enjoy the sight of a fresh day – add some accessories to your outfit that suit the weather; hat, sun glasses or an umbrella.

Ø  Look in the mirror and smile at yourself.

Ø  Brush your teeth and use a mouthwash.

Ø  Make your bed; at least put the pillow in its correct place.

Ø  Spare a glance at your room. If you feel that the things on your side table need to be adjusted, please spend a couple of minutes doing so.

Ø  Greet your parents with your best smile.

Ø  Have your breakfast without making a fuss.

Ø  Read the headlines in the newspaper, they make interesting discussion topics during the break-time.

Ø  Leave for school with a sweet note – wish your parents a good day and tell them that you really love them. 

The Friday Class article is published in Young Times.

ü  Avoid thinking reasons that might have caused the delay – they tend to upset you.

ü  Spend some time with your mobile; change display settings, update your to-do list or scroll through the image gallery.

ü  Set reminders for unfinished tasks and upcoming events.

ü  Hum a song or look around for something to read – magazines, newspapers, notice boards, road signs or emergency instructions.

ü  Stop yourself from making endless calls to the person whom you are waiting for.

ü  Appreciate beautiful things that are in your surroundings.

ü  Plan activities for the rest of the day – organize your plan of action.

ü  If the person is a usual latecomer, avoid thinking about previous instances when you had to wait for him/her – this will spoil your mood and upset you.

ü  Make calls to friends or relatives whom you always wanted to talk to but did not find time to do so – this will help you to stay in touch with old friends.

ü  Think of pleasant and innovative ways to greet the person.