The Friday Class

Quotations by MF Twins

·         Sorrow and happiness balance in life. If today was sad, happiness is round the corner.

·         Time when lost, only brings regret.

·         Hard work has its rewards – its benefits may not be apparent at once, they do surface with time.

·         Live life in such a way that you do not have to regret and say ‘If only I had…’

·         It’s not important to love someone. What is important is that you respect that someone!

·         Life can only be lived once, So Start Living It!

·         Persuasion in life is important. Put in all your efforts to achieve what you desire – for people who believe in you will call you determined and those who don’t will call you stubborn!

·         The first ‘try’ should always be the best one.

·         Those who can achieve success and fame are not born with it.

·         Not everyone has the capacity to perform the best – believing that something will happen does not always make it happen.

·         Hope is a mirage – it guides a person through the journey of life.

·         You are a reflection of your parents – disliking them is indirectly disliking yourself.

·         Learning cannot be forced or imposed. It happens in a moment and at a predetermined time. Pray that you learn before it’s too late.

·         Authority is best when valued and not exercised unnecessarily.

·         Knowing that a person is obliged to obey you, generates an immense sense of satisfaction. Realizing the power you hold, may mislead you in taking decisions.

·         Truth is only valued by the ones who are righteous, for the ones who are possessed by their own beliefs are indifferent to it.

·         Hope and depression are always at war. One will not let the other prevail, actually the very thought is washed away with the uncertainty of tomorrow.

·         Good thinking, humility and kindness push a man upwards… lack of confidence, laziness, clash of thoughts, fear of failure, risk and the comfort of short cuts bring him down…  the ratio of negatives to positives is 2:1, time to focus.

·         What goes in doesn’t always come out… what comes out should undergo a thinking process.


2 Responses to "Quotations by MF Twins"

excellent quotations ..:)

great sayings! enjoyed while reading.

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