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§  Don’t fold the notes too many times.

§  Keep the money in your wallet’s zipper and not in your pocket.

§  Do not mix the notes with your personal money. Always use a separate section of your wallet.

§  Request the person to put the money in a sealed envelope, if possible.

§  Do not use the money for any other purpose; that would be cheating!

§  Do not tell any stranger that you are carrying money.

§  Always count the money before taking it from someone. Writing the amount on a piece of paper is even better.

§  When you accomplish your responsibility, call the concerned person to inform that you have handed the money to the right person.

§  Seek your parents’ permission before taking up such responsibility. Follow their advice.

§  If you refuse to help someone with such a task, do suggest alternative solutions like money transfer services or courier.


Ø  A wallet too big is difficult to carry. Buy one that easily fits your pockets.

Ø  Prefer a wallet with a zip as the money notes will not drop off.

Ø  Write your name, contact number and email address in one of the pockets. In case you loose it, someone might be able to return it to you.

Ø  Coins do make the wallet heavy but it is always a good idea to have some handy. You can make quick purchases or help your parents get the parking ticket.

Ø  Before keeping any important documents in your wallet, inform your parents.

Ø  For emergencies, keep a list of contact numbers of some of your relatives.

Ø  Equip your wallet with bandages, toothpicks and tissues.

Ø  Take responsibility of your gaming cards. It will save your parents the trouble of storing them.

Ø  Cary a part of your pocket money, and remember savings are vital!

Ø  Even if you have money on you, ask your parents before making a purchase. They will help you take the right decision.

v  Check if you have put all the books that you require for the next day.

v  Recall the day to remind yourself of something that you might have to take.

v  Check your pencil case for all the necessary stationery that you would need.

v  Do not put any toy or objectionable cool-stuff.

v  Remember to put your school diary/calendar.

v  Carry your parents’ contact numbers on a piece of paper, just in case they have to be contacted.

v  Think of any messages or circulars that you had to give your parents; upcoming events or field trips.

v  Put some tissues, money and band-aid, which might come to use in case of an emergency.

v  Put a 500ml water bottle and a snack incase the canteen or the cafeteria is not open for the day.

v  Zip up your bag!