The Friday Class


The Friday Class is written by Mariam Masood and Fatima Masood. The article appears fortnightly in Young Times magazine, published in Dubai.  

Mariam and Fatima are identical twin sisters based in Dubai. They are teachers by profession and adore their career. Here’s a note from them. 

“The Friday Class was a result of many isolated moments we spent as teachers… in school, at home, in malls, parks, waiting lobbies and at the Dubai Creek.

As teachers we always feel there is very less time, in class, to tell the children about the many little things they need to remember in order to enjoy life. Since the classes are curriculum driven it becomes difficult to address the day to day challenges, problems and tasks children come across. Not only as teachers, even at home, with our nephews and niece, we realize there are so many things that need adult attention and address.

In order to kill the guilt we thought of the concept of a Friday Class which would have all the little but important things we want to tell children aged 7 onwards.

It is important to say that Fridays and Saturdays are weekly holidays here in Dubai, no school. That’s why the article was named The Friday Class. At home, when children are missing their teachers, they get an opportunity of absorbing some more knowledge of the world… a short message from very concerned caring teachers…

(More than a hundred cards saying ‘best teacher of the world’ verify this statement! – goes right for both, Mariam and Fatima)

So, for young girls and boys here are some nice things to read and follow in life. Of course also for older people who missed on good teachers and teachings in life! Minutes invested in goodness help a lifetime.

So, all pencils and papers away…

Don’t let your mind sway…

We hope you learn something new today!”


5 Responses to "About"

Asalaamualeykum sisters, great blog mashaAllah! I am a teacher in the UK, teaching an an Islamic school – its great to know as teachers we all face the same issues no matter where we are. MaSalaama,

It was a delight stumbling upon your blog. I’m a third grade teacher in Los Angeles and NOT teaching at an Islamic school though I’ve had Muslim students. I also find my days so filled with academic curriculum that it’s difficult to impart some of life’s most important lessons!

Thanks Mariam and Farima.

Asslmualikum ukhti…
Im indonesian. Im a teacher of another Islamic modern school in Java Island. I like teaching. I think w have the same difficulties like yours. would yu give the article about classroom management.
Im really pleasure to see ur blog

Would like to be contacted. 050 6564202


Trust you’re doing well.

I am not a book worm nor a great reader but, I do visualize few things and observe just like any other person. Especially in a place like Dubai, having started something like “Friday Class” is a great sort of medium of having inculcating habits and seeding the roots right from the very beginning. Having said that, it would be great if you guys also try to imbibe in your talks” few islamic teachings – may not be something too orthodox but something which can be started from a general perspective. Probably we can see a lot of people joining in a short span of time.

Shall give some more ideas little later 🙂

Jazakallah and good stuff!! Keep ’em going on !


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