The Friday Class

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o   Identify and move away any important documents or electronic gadgets that might get damaged by the liquid.

o   Find the closet source to clean the spill; tissue, cloth, towel, etc.

o   Prevent the spill from affecting other surfaces. If the spill was on a table, make sure the liquid doesn’t drip off to the chair/s or to the floor.

o   Start cleaning from the outer edges to the center of the spill.

o   If any liquid other than water was spilt, make sure you take a wet wipe and clean the surface.

o   If your parents or someone is upset with you, try to understand their concern.

o   Apologize for your mistake and provide as much help as possible.

o   Don’t blame yourself for the mistake.

o   Accidents are unavoidable, however we should be careful.


Ø  Stretch your arms and your legs – you will feel the tiredness vanish from your body.

Ø  Look out of the window and enjoy the sight of a fresh day – add some accessories to your outfit that suit the weather; hat, sun glasses or an umbrella.

Ø  Look in the mirror and smile at yourself.

Ø  Brush your teeth and use a mouthwash.

Ø  Make your bed; at least put the pillow in its correct place.

Ø  Spare a glance at your room. If you feel that the things on your side table need to be adjusted, please spend a couple of minutes doing so.

Ø  Greet your parents with your best smile.

Ø  Have your breakfast without making a fuss.

Ø  Read the headlines in the newspaper, they make interesting discussion topics during the break-time.

Ø  Leave for school with a sweet note – wish your parents a good day and tell them that you really love them. 

The Friday Class article is published in Young Times.

o   Brush your teeth.

o   Clear your bed from clutter.

o   Think about the day that has just ended.

o   List few things that you plan to do the next day.

o   Say ‘goodnight’ to your parents/family.

o   Thank God for all his blessings.

o   Read an article or a book of your interest.

o   Write your day’s diary.

o   Set an alarm for the next day.

o   Think about something that you would like to dream about.