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Eyes on You!

A big hello from Mariam and Fatima!
Teachers all around the world would agree that bulletin boards are a reflection of a teacher’s work in class… of the effort she/he puts in experiences the learning taking place in students. They are also a means of acknowledging the work and achievements of children in school.
No doubt, bulletin boards reflect the teacher, teaching style, learners and the learning that takes place.
So, in this post we announce the inclusion of a new page on our blog, ‘Bulletin Board Ideas’ for teachers and parents to see. Of course, these are not the best bulletin boards and… there is great scope for creativity when it comes to showing off our kid’s works.
Have a nice time as we dig into our photographs folders to find some more boards to add on to these ones.
Take Care,
Mariam and Fatima


Ø  When you get the information that you will be going for an outing, inquire the place to be visited and take out appropriate clothes. Ask your parents if your choice is right.

Ø  Make a ‘Take Along’ corner in your room where you keep the things you need to carry with you when you go out. (A book, gift, mobile, MP3 player, sunscreen or sports stuff)

Ø  Help your younger brothers and sisters to dress up.

Ø  Check if the electrical appliances (iron, computer, mobile charger, lights and lamps) have been switched off. If you are too young to switch them off yourself, alert an adult.

Ø  Remind your parents to check the stove. All knobs turned off.

Ø  It is important to look at the mirror before you depart. Your hair, dress and your attitude should be in place.

Ø  You room should be tidy. The dirty clothes should go in the laundry, the cupboard door should be closed and the toys in place.

Ø  Showcase your wisdom by carrying a bottle of water with you. It keeps you hydrated in the hot sun.

Ø  Make sure your parents have locked the main door behind them.

Ø  If you are going alone, inform your parents and tell the approximate time of return.

Ø  When you go out you represent your country, religion, family and parents. Be responsible!

v  Check if you have put all the books that you require for the next day.

v  Recall the day to remind yourself of something that you might have to take.

v  Check your pencil case for all the necessary stationery that you would need.

v  Do not put any toy or objectionable cool-stuff.

v  Remember to put your school diary/calendar.

v  Carry your parents’ contact numbers on a piece of paper, just in case they have to be contacted.

v  Think of any messages or circulars that you had to give your parents; upcoming events or field trips.

v  Put some tissues, money and band-aid, which might come to use in case of an emergency.

v  Put a 500ml water bottle and a snack incase the canteen or the cafeteria is not open for the day.

v  Zip up your bag!

ü  Listen to the pattering raindrops at the window.

ü  Splash into a puddle.

ü  Treat yourself with a cold drink or an ice-cream.

ü  Ride down a hill on your bike.

ü  Feel the raindrops on your face.

ü  Recall good moments of your life.

ü  Enjoy watching the lush green grass.

ü  Listen to your favorite music.

ü  Sail paper boats in puddles.

ü  Collect rain water in an umbrella.

The Friday Class article is published in Young Times.

Ø  Look at the mirror and fix your hair.

Ø  Leave things as you found them – in their correct places.

Ø  Wipe away any water that you spilt on the floor – of course by mistake.

Ø  Draw the shower curtain before taking a shower – it will help you avoid wiping the floor later.

Ø  Put the soap back on the holder – especially if it drops in corners difficult to reach.

Ø  Pick your clothes from hook or from the floor, incase you have dropped them!

Ø  Replace and screw the lid of the toothpaste.

Ø  Write a message for the next person or yourself on the misty mirror.

Ø  Clear the laundry basket and put the clothes for washing.

Ø  Look around the bathroom to ensure that you have done your best to leave it neat and clean.

The Friday Class article is published in Young Times.