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Eyes on You!

A big hello from Mariam and Fatima!
Teachers all around the world would agree that bulletin boards are a reflection of a teacher’s work in class… of the effort she/he puts in experiences the learning taking place in students. They are also a means of acknowledging the work and achievements of children in school.
No doubt, bulletin boards reflect the teacher, teaching style, learners and the learning that takes place.
So, in this post we announce the inclusion of a new page on our blog, ‘Bulletin Board Ideas’ for teachers and parents to see. Of course, these are not the best bulletin boards and… there is great scope for creativity when it comes to showing off our kid’s works.
Have a nice time as we dig into our photographs folders to find some more boards to add on to these ones.
Take Care,
Mariam and Fatima


A big hello from Mariam and Fatima!

If you have visited The Friday Class blog recently, you might have noticed a new page titled ‘Class Management’. 

Here you can find useful ideas of getting your control right in class. Being teachers we have experienced that learning takes place only in a well managed class, personalities develop and socio-awareness builds.  We are pleased to share some of the strategies that have been implemented by us personally to facilitate the students’ learning process.

From the listed methods, I (Mariam) have benefited a lot by the Countdown, Busy Hands Busy Minds  and Start-up Exercise concept. I found children responding to these methodologies immediately, which was very encouraging and motivational for them.  

My (Fatima) favourite is the concept of Allocated Talk-time and of course, the Countdown. Any teacher, if consistent in using her discipline strategy, is successful. Consistency counts!

Also, we invite teachers and adults to share strategies, tips, tricks and spells that make children more responsible. It would be wonderful to listen to your viewpoints!

As Barney says, “It’s not so tough… to share your stuff…”

 Take Care,

Mariam and Fatima

v  School days are the best part of life. Work to have all happy memories and not bad ones.

v  Take responsibility of your things. You should know where all your things are.

v  Follow the school rules and of course the class rules too.

v  Help the younger students by opening the door for them, allowing them to go in the bus first and by giving them a go in the canteen.

v  Respect all the teaching and non-teaching staff. You will shine like a diamond if you do so.

v  Keep the company of good friends. You will come to know about them by seeing if they follow school rules, respect their elders, do the work in time and talk about good things.

v  Visit the school library regularly. Spending time there will help you develop a love for books.

v  Be careful in the science lab, corridors, computer lab and play areas. Your parents and your teachers want you to be safe and sound.

v  Participate in the class discussions and activities. Don’t think that what you are thinking is unimportant.

v  If you have not done your homework or assignment, go to the teacher and inform her/him at the beginning of the day. This develops your relationship with the teacher.

§  Work quickly and quietly.

§  Keep your workplace neat.

§  Do not annoy your teacher purposely.

§  Offer help to your teacher when she is decorating the classroom or putting up a bulletin board.

§  Throw rubbish inside the bin – not around it.

§  Remember to take your homework books.

§  Helping your friends does not mean giving them answers or letting them copy from your notebook.

§  Share your food but do not share germs.

§  Its ‘COOL’ to follow the class rules and be a good student.

§  Respect your environment – take care of display boards, classroom furniture and stationery.