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v  Stay with your parents, if you want to see something of your interest, inform them before leaving.

v  If you lose track of your parents, that means you are lost, follow these steps; call out to them, look around in the passageway, approach the management and give your name and your parent’s telephone number. IMPORTANT: Don’t Cry!

v  Remember to do lots and lots of window shopping. Look around to see all the different sorts of things. This will increase your knowledge.

v  Don’t go near escalators and elevators if you are not using them.

v  Remember where your Mum and Dad parked the car. They would be thankful.

v  Remember to carry some of your pocket money. Ask your parents before you spend it.

v  Avoid talking to strangers.

v  Be careful in the parking lot.

v  Take responsibility of your younger brother and sisters.

v  Be careful when pushing the trolley so that you don’t bump into people and edges.

The Friday Class is the first published work of Mariam and Fatima Masood, authors of the book I Know Who You Are!


o   Realize that your behaviour is a reflection of your country, religion, family and parents.
Be responsible!

o   When you arrive at your friend’s place request for a place where you could keep your belongings.

o   Make a list of things you have brought as it will help you to pack up later.

o   Then, call your parents to tell them you have settled and are doing well. Remember to tell them that you are missing them.

o   If you want to use something like the phone, washroom, television as your friend or his/her family member politely.

o   What comes out goes in – whenever you use anything from your backpack return it back so that you don’t forget taking any of your things.

o   Remember the last talk you had with your parents and follow all the instructions given.

o   If you plan to go somewhere from your friend’s house inform your parents and seek their permission.

o   Eat healthy and well, gather at least 8 hours of sleep, and be particular about your personal hygiene (wash your hands after meals, brush regularly and shower often).

o   Leave a ‘Thank you’ at your friend’s house appreciating their care and hospitality.

ü  Make sure your clothes are pressed and appropriate for the occasion. Take advice.

ü  Shoes should be polished or wiped with a damp cloth.

ü  Don’t let your hair loose. They trouble a lot on a windy day and spoil the fun.

ü  A belt looks impressive.

ü  Take permission of your parent to carry a wallet. Little money helps a lot in case of an emergency.

ü  Avoid stuffing your pockets with things (toy car, play figure, tissue, coins or a ball). It looks awkward and gives an uncomfortable feeling.

ü  Carry a tissue or a napkin. It is one of the most important things.

ü  Matching all the accessories with your dress is not always important. Be carefree because you are loved for what you are.

ü  Confirm your appointment before leaving and inform your invitee about your arrival.

ü  Look at the mirror and smile. Appreciate yourself.

The Friday Class article is published in Young Times.

§  Call an adult to attend the door.

§  It is better to look through the eye-hole even when you are expecting a guest.

§  If some family relatives have come, open the door, greet them and inform your parents about their arrival

§  If you are alone at home, look through the eye-hole without leaning on the door and making your presence felt. Do not whisper with your siblings – it’s a secret mission!

§  If you decide not to open the door for someone because you are alone, you should move away from the door without making any noises. Do not turn off any equipment like the radio or the television as it will make your presence felt.

§  Remember to make a note of the date, time and the description of the person to inform your parents about it.

§  If you open the door for regular visitors like the laundry-man or for home delivery, make sure you do not talk to them or give them any information. Pretend as though there are people in the house – put the TV on to have some noise in the house.

§  If you need help, make a call to your parents or close family members.

§  If you start feeling upset, distract yourself by watching your favourite movie or by playing some video/computer games.

The Friday Class article is published in Young Times.

Ø  When you get the information that you will be going for an outing, inquire the place to be visited and take out appropriate clothes. Ask your parents if your choice is right.

Ø  Make a ‘Take Along’ corner in your room where you keep the things you need to carry with you when you go out. (A book, gift, mobile, MP3 player, sunscreen or sports stuff)

Ø  Help your younger brothers and sisters to dress up.

Ø  Check if the electrical appliances (iron, computer, mobile charger, lights and lamps) have been switched off. If you are too young to switch them off yourself, alert an adult.

Ø  Remind your parents to check the stove. All knobs turned off.

Ø  It is important to look at the mirror before you depart. Your hair, dress and your attitude should be in place.

Ø  You room should be tidy. The dirty clothes should go in the laundry, the cupboard door should be closed and the toys in place.

Ø  Showcase your wisdom by carrying a bottle of water with you. It keeps you hydrated in the hot sun.

Ø  Make sure your parents have locked the main door behind them.

Ø  If you are going alone, inform your parents and tell the approximate time of return.

Ø  When you go out you represent your country, religion, family and parents. Be responsible!

Ø  Stretch your arms and your legs – you will feel the tiredness vanish from your body.

Ø  Look out of the window and enjoy the sight of a fresh day – add some accessories to your outfit that suit the weather; hat, sun glasses or an umbrella.

Ø  Look in the mirror and smile at yourself.

Ø  Brush your teeth and use a mouthwash.

Ø  Make your bed; at least put the pillow in its correct place.

Ø  Spare a glance at your room. If you feel that the things on your side table need to be adjusted, please spend a couple of minutes doing so.

Ø  Greet your parents with your best smile.

Ø  Have your breakfast without making a fuss.

Ø  Read the headlines in the newspaper, they make interesting discussion topics during the break-time.

Ø  Leave for school with a sweet note – wish your parents a good day and tell them that you really love them. 

The Friday Class article is published in Young Times.

o   Brush your teeth.

o   Clear your bed from clutter.

o   Think about the day that has just ended.

o   List few things that you plan to do the next day.

o   Say ‘goodnight’ to your parents/family.

o   Thank God for all his blessings.

o   Read an article or a book of your interest.

o   Write your day’s diary.

o   Set an alarm for the next day.

o   Think about something that you would like to dream about.



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