The Friday Class

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o   Identify and move away any important documents or electronic gadgets that might get damaged by the liquid.

o   Find the closet source to clean the spill; tissue, cloth, towel, etc.

o   Prevent the spill from affecting other surfaces. If the spill was on a table, make sure the liquid doesn’t drip off to the chair/s or to the floor.

o   Start cleaning from the outer edges to the center of the spill.

o   If any liquid other than water was spilt, make sure you take a wet wipe and clean the surface.

o   If your parents or someone is upset with you, try to understand their concern.

o   Apologize for your mistake and provide as much help as possible.

o   Don’t blame yourself for the mistake.

o   Accidents are unavoidable, however we should be careful.

Ø  Look at the mirror and fix your hair.

Ø  Leave things as you found them – in their correct places.

Ø  Wipe away any water that you spilt on the floor – of course by mistake.

Ø  Draw the shower curtain before taking a shower – it will help you avoid wiping the floor later.

Ø  Put the soap back on the holder – especially if it drops in corners difficult to reach.

Ø  Pick your clothes from hook or from the floor, incase you have dropped them!

Ø  Replace and screw the lid of the toothpaste.

Ø  Write a message for the next person or yourself on the misty mirror.

Ø  Clear the laundry basket and put the clothes for washing.

Ø  Look around the bathroom to ensure that you have done your best to leave it neat and clean.

The Friday Class article is published in Young Times.