The Friday Class

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  • Don’t spend time thinking that you are alone.
  • Boredom can be conquered by engaging in simple activities, like reading a book, watching TV or playing video games.
  • Don’t open the main door for anyone. Ignore even the regular visitors like the laundry man.
  • Keep the noise level in the house low so in case someone is at the door, you can pretend as though you’re not at home.
  • Make sure you keep the mischievous thoughts away. You might end up in an accident. 
  • Stay away from electrical appliances in the kitchen and do not turn on the gas/electric stove.
  • Do not go in the balcony or in the garden.
  • Keep the doors and the windows locked.
  • Remember to follow the instructions your parents give you.

The Friday Class is the first published work of Mariam and Fatima Masood, authors of the book I Know Who You Are!


§  Call an adult to attend the door.

§  It is better to look through the eye-hole even when you are expecting a guest.

§  If some family relatives have come, open the door, greet them and inform your parents about their arrival

§  If you are alone at home, look through the eye-hole without leaning on the door and making your presence felt. Do not whisper with your siblings – it’s a secret mission!

§  If you decide not to open the door for someone because you are alone, you should move away from the door without making any noises. Do not turn off any equipment like the radio or the television as it will make your presence felt.

§  Remember to make a note of the date, time and the description of the person to inform your parents about it.

§  If you open the door for regular visitors like the laundry-man or for home delivery, make sure you do not talk to them or give them any information. Pretend as though there are people in the house – put the TV on to have some noise in the house.

§  If you need help, make a call to your parents or close family members.

§  If you start feeling upset, distract yourself by watching your favourite movie or by playing some video/computer games.

The Friday Class article is published in Young Times.



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